Applying for New Service

We welcome new customers to our system and we are glad to serve you with electrical service.    

We want to make this busy time of moving and relocating as smooth and hassle free as possible for you and your family.    
When applying for new service, you will need to provide us with some information. One of our courteous service representatives will greet you to set up your new account with Cullman Power Board.    

For Residential Service Applicants, our standard deposit is $400. If allowed to run a credit check, the deposit may be reduced. Depending on the credit rating, deposits may vary from $75 - $400. For Commercial Service Applicants, the deposits may be 2 times the highest monthly usage of the account's history.

We will need to know:

  • Address of your new location
  • If renting, need copy of Landlord Agreement
  • Date you want service connected
  • Identification:
         Social Security Number,
         Telephone Number,
         Copy of Driver's License,
         Employer's Name,
         Spouse's Name and their employer.

There will be a $25 connection fee that will be charged on your first utility bill.

An electrical deposit will need to be paid prior to connection.

In most cases, your service can be connected during the next working day. Newly installed electric meters must be inspected by City of Cullman and we will need to receive notification from the City before electricity can be connected.

Helpful Hint:

Light Won't Come On?

Please check your circuit breakers or fuse box first for thrown switches or blown fuses.
If that's not the problem, call us,