When do I get my first bill?
Call 256-734-2343 for details.

What to do When You Move?
Always call 256-734-2343 for "Turn off" when you move and provide us with your new forwarding address. This enables us to mail your final bill or a refund of your deposit, if applicable.

Whose Name?
If the account is in your name, even though you don't live there, we still look to the account holder for responsibility of payment. The account name should always be the same as the tenant or owner of the property.

When Do I Get My Final Bill?
When you receive you final bill, it will have printed on the front "Final Bill at this Location". Depending on when you move or have your service disconnected, you could possibly receive two more bills. The final bill could be for only a few days.

I Didn't Get a Bill.
Sometimes, unexplainable things just happens to the mail. Once we mail your bill, obviously, we cannot be responsible for you actually receiving it. If you have not received your utility bill and you know it is close to your due date, please call or come by our office and we will be able give you the account balance. This will prevent you from going past your due date and save you from paying the five percent forfeited discount.

When Lights Won’t Come On?
Please check your circuit breakers or fuse box first for thrown switches or blown fuses. If that’s not the problem, call us, 734-2343.